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Strabo isn't just for consumers. Financial advisers can link up their clients' portfolios, send out customised reports, and manage them all in one place.

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Strabo in details

It's here! Strabo for financial advisers

We kept hearing that the platform was great, but it wasn't any use for people who took
external financial advice. They had their own outdated systems that forced clients to look through
ugly, unresponsive charts and take home reams of paper.

So we decided to make the platform available to advisers. Separate adviser and client logins allow you both to have access, and give you the chance to review your situation not just in meetings with them, but every step of the way.

Used by Financial advisors at
Current Position Assessment

What is your assets and liabilities snapshot at this point in time? This is a way of taking into account everything you own, and owe regularly.

Personal goal setting

What are you aiming for over the long term? First plan what these look like, make these measurable, and set them in-app.

Financial Analysis

Now you can track performance towards these goals. Can this be optimised? If so, how? A periodic review will also be necessary, depending on the goal

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Use Strabo to build each financial plan for your clients. Show them their life events, asset allocation, risk profile and more. They'll be able to check in from home, and monitor progress together with you every step of the way.

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