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A customisable investment dashboard to manage your assets around the world

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All Assets on one Dashboard

  • Add accounts to sync automatically via secure API connection or input values manually.

  • 9 asset categories and 10,000 institutions, one portfolio tracker. View the full list here

  • Cash, Stocks, Crypto, Credit, Pensions, Property, Loans and Tangibles. All in one place in your portfolio tracker, for the first time ever.

Multi Currency Tracking

  • Access international accounts from 12 countries, filter your portfolio tracker by all major currencies and break your assets and liabilities down by currency denomination. 
  • Track cryptocurrency price changes for your chosen coin or wallet alongside traditional assets and see your assets and liabilities across countries.

Financial Health Monitor

  • Break your wealth down by asset class and use pre-set thresholds to unearth the drivers (and drags on) your net worth.

  • Receive alerts when accounts fall above or below limits or thresholds and monitor your cash, savings and investing accounts with these filters. This provides additional incentive to stick to those pre-set goals.

Financial Independence Calculator

  • Set up financial goals depending on your idiosyncratic needs and monitor progress towards them. Tag accounts to link them to goals and use your portfolio tracker to monitor progress towards retirement, a house or a fund for your children's education.

  • Are you on track to reach them in time with existing market performance? If not, where is the shortfall?

Account Tagging & Organisation

  • Allocate your all financial accounts into categories with custom pre-set tags so you can track progress towards goals and group all your assets into buckets, each of which can be analysed individually.

  • Track children's, spouses' and dependents' accounts without impacting your own portfolio tracker's readings.

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FAQs đŸ™‹đŸ»â€â™‚ïž

Is Strabo Secure?
  • Every decision at Strabo begins with your safety in mind. We don't store any banking information, and all your data is end-to-end encrypted at rest and in transit. 

  • Login uses multi-factor authentication and we will always endeavour to go beyond industry standard.
What do you do with my data?
  • Strabo's policy is to never, under any circumstances, retain, store or sell any of our data. In fact, it's encrypted both at rest and in transit to ensure maximum security and trust for users. We don't run ads in platform either, and all marketing is optional and opt-in - down to the cookie data on our website!

What happens if my asset isn't there?
  • As much as we'd like to, it will never be possible to have live data for every single asset. As such, we've created a custom asset manager where you can provide the inputs to enhance the user experience.

What countries are we expanding to?
  • Today, Strabo connects accounts from the following countries: UK, CAN, USA, IRE, NED, SP, FR, NZ, and AUS. 

  • We expect to move next to India and the Middle East
Why did you start Strabo?
  • After spending a considerable amount of time building ever more complicated spreadsheets on Microsoft Excel to manage static information, we decided that more powerful professional grade analytics shouldn't be out of reach of everyday investors, for less than premium pricing. 

  • After scouring the internet for an adequate solution and conducting our own research, we decided to build one ourselves.

Is Strabo just for internationals?
  • We're often asked this. The answer is no! Although we have coverage across the world, the platform is a software service provider designed to be accessible to anyone with multiple accounts & assets. 

  • Although coverage is richest in the United Kingdom and United States, this also includes solely digital currency investors and traders - many users simply need a platform to manage their Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Do you actually hold my assets?
  • We are not an asset manager and do not hold, manage, or advise on your investments. Despite this, Strabo is authorised and regulated by the FCA - details are on their website here, or if our web content doesn't answer your question you can reach out directly at hello@strabo.app

What features are coming next?
  • We are working furiously behind the scenes to ensure you are furnished with a constant stream of exciting new features. Expect tax insights, in app FX & more this year! A mobile app is also coming soon although the platform is responsive on your mobile device now

Do you analyse user financial transaction information?
  • We appreciate that transactions and payment information are an important aspect of personal finance, and features related to these will be coming soon! 

  • We have simply decided to prioritise investor data relating to asset holdings first.

Why are we called Strabo?
  • Strabo was a Greek academic & philosopher, best known as one of the foremost contributors to the modern world map, which inspires our brand and the global coverage we provide. His stellar reputation precedes us, and we hope to provide value by bringing better financial analysis to a wider audience, whether expert or novice.

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