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Net Worth Analysis

Analyse your data to unearth the drivers of (and drags on) your net worth. Bank accounts, credit cards, stocks, crypto, real estate & more, all updated in real time across 12 countries. View the full list here

Management Accounting for Personal Finance

Break down assets, liabilities, income & expenses to calculate your net worth (balance sheet), resource & portfolio performance (P&L) and soon any potential liabilities (Cash Flow)

Portfolio Rebalancing & Risk Profiling

Rebalance to maintain a target allocation as assets grow, set and track performance towards investment goals and build a customisable dashboard that shows exactly what you want it to


Is Strabo Secure?

  • Every decision at Strabo begins with your safety in mind. We don't store any banking information, and all your data is end-to-end encrypted at rest and in transit.

What countries are we expanding to?

  • Today, Strabo connects accounts from the following countries: UK, CAN, USA, IRE, NED, SP, FR, NZ, and AUS. We expect to move next to India and the Middle East

What happens if my asset isn't there?

  • As much as we'd like to, it will never be possible to have live data for every single asset. As such, we've created a custom asset manager where you can provide the inputs

What do you do with my data?

  • Strabo's policy is to never, under any circumstances, retain, store or sell any user data. In fact, it's encrypted both at rest and in transit to ensure maximum security

Do you actually hold my assets?

  • We are not an asset manager and do not hold, manage, or advise on your investments. Despite this, Strabo is authorised and regulated by the FCA

Is Strabo just for internationals?

  • We're often asked this. The answer is no! Although we have coverage across the world, the platform provides value to anyone with multiple accounts & assets

Why are we called Strabo?

  • Strabo was a Greek academic & philosopher, best known as one of the foremost contributors to the modern world map, which inspires the global coverage we provide

What features are coming next?

  • We are working furiously behind the scenes to ensure you are furnished with a constant stream of exciting new features. Expect tax insights, in app FX & more this year!

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