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May 16th, 2024

New Widget 🙌

Pie chart widget

  • You can now break down accounts or tagged groups by country, type or holding percentage and see the split on the new page you’ve created.

May 1st, 2024

Onboarding improvements 👋🏻

Onboarding Improvements

  • We've made the onboarding experience much smoother for new users in a few ways. Full screens have been replaced with modals, the new account connection screen is improved and uses a new animation and we have a new avatar!

Improvements to Adding Accounts

  • The add account button is now available on all screens, with modals. There's also a timeout notification when user data lapses.

Manual Stocks Bug Fix

  • Manual stocks were only searchable by stock name, causing some confusion between holdings. This has been changed so the search bar is now by ticker only.

Apr 17th, 2024

Platform improvements 📊

Feedback Made Easy

  • Inside the widget menu, you'll now find a feedback form. If something’s missing or not quite right, let us know.

Talk to an Expert

  • Need guidance? Click the new button in the bottom-left corner to schedule a free 20-minute consultation with a financial advisor.

Enhanced Filtering Options

  • Filter Accounts in Investments: You can now filter by child accounts as well as parent accounts on the investments page

    Improved Tagging: Filter through tags, accounts, sub-accounts, and searches for a smoother navigation experience.

All-Inclusive Currency Switcher

  • We’ve added all available currencies to the currency switcher in your accounts section. Switch between currencies effortlessly, and see your accounts update to reflect the changes.

Customizable Email Notifications

  • Portfolio Reviews: Tailor how often you receive portfolio reviews—choose from weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates in your email settings.

Rate Our Service

  • Our new feedback form allows you to quickly rate your experience as bad, decent, or great. We value your input and strive to enhance our services continuously.

Apr 3rd, 2024

Platform improvement 📊

5 New Life Events

  • We've updated the "Life Events" feature with five new entries to better capture key moments that affect your finances: Having a Baby, Wedding, Holiday, Bonus, and Unexpected Events. This expansion helps track and manage the financial implications of these significant milestones more effectively.

Mar 27th, 2024

Platform improvement 📊

Key Updates to Improve the User Experience

  • We've simplified the Accounts display to focus solely on Assets & Liabilities, added allocation bars for clarity, and introduced a filtering feature. Plus, we've included a totals row at the bottom of the chart for easier analysis. These enhancements enhance usability and empower users to make informed decisions efficiently.

Mar 20th, 2024

Platform improvement 📊

Loading Indicator

  • We've incorporated a loading indicator following the final onboarding step in the sign-up process.

Improved Date Deletion Functionality in Life Events Section

Users can now delete dates more efficiently in the Life Event section. Previously, pressing the backspace key in the Date field would erase the entire date. Now, the date will be deleted one space at a time for smoother editing.

Mar 13th, 2024

Responsiveness & Bug Fixes 🔧

Mobile Responsiveness

  • We made some small improvements to mobile responsiveness

Improved Account Syncing Failure State

We had some feedback that it wasn't clear what action the user had to take when their account sync failed, so we optimised the failure state and included a tooltip with instructions to delete and re-add.

Responsiveness & Bug fixes

We fixed widget width responsiveness problems, menu overlapping on custom pages, balances not refreshing on first signup and a problem with the Privacy toggle on the investments page.

Mar 6th, 2024

Platform improvement 📊

Add Pages with First 2 Widgets

  • For the first time, you can now add new pages to your Strabo dashboard! We've added two widgets, Timeline and Historical Data - you can filter the data these show, duplicate them and drag and drop. We will be starting to add more over the coming months, so please suggest some that you'd like to see.

New Error Screen

  • We designed a new screen for platform errors to make those irritating malfunctions a little more bearable.

Add Accounts on Mobile

You can now add accounts to your dashboard from mobile.

Bug fixes

The two main problems raised this week were a freezing scroll bar when closing some modals, and a freezing Loading Providers button when you selected an erroneous account / country combination. Both have now been fixed.

Feb 28th, 2024

Platform Improvement 📊

Life Events is now Live

  • We've just launched Life Events feature. Now, you can seamlessly incorporate important life events into your Net Worth Forecast.

Feb 21st, 2024

Bugs 📊

Further improvements to Cost Basis

  • Almost all synced accounts should now show total cost basis for the units purchased.

Deleting accounts

  • Certain account types were still showing in the Accounts page after being deleted. This has now been rectified.

Feb 14th, 2024

Platform improvement 📊

Automated Cost Basis Retrieval Implemented for Synced Accounts

  • Updated Investments table to pull Cost Basis automatically. This should now work for most synced accounts: where the data is available, it will now always show on the table, along with your ROI.

Bug Fixes Tailored for Non-UK Accounts

  • Bug fixes to asset balance cards for non-UK based accounts.

Information Banner for Maintenance and Ongoing Issues

Added information banner to let users know when pages are undergoing maintenance, or there is an ongoing issue that we're aware of.

Feb 7th, 2024

Bug Fixes & Platform improvement 📊

Investments chart improved

  • Performance chip added to show % gain or loss based on your chart filters, including both time filters and asset filters. However, it won't display if the period starts from 0, ensuring accurate representation. The total is now responsive to update with the chart too.

Bug fix

ROI calculation in the table breakdown on Investments page has been resolved.

Jan 31st, 2024

Platform improvement 📊

Filtering of Accounts & Slide Navigation on the Accounts Page!

The accounts have undergone significant enhancement, featuring improved organization and filtering capabilities. Instead of displaying all accounts indiscriminately, users can now filter them based on specific types, including crypto, stocks, cash accounts, and more. Additionally, a sleek slide navigation animation has been incorporated into the accounts page, enhancing the overall user experience.

Jan 24th, 2024

Upgrades & Platform improvements 📊

We are One Step Closer to Full Customisability!

  • We’ve separated platform sections on the back end into individual widgets. These will soon be draggable and configurable in the new pages

Redirect New Users on Sign in Attempt

If you attempt to sign in right away without creating an account, you’ll now be redirected automatically towards the pre-filled signup form

Jan 17th, 2024

Upgrades & Platform improvements 📊

Tag Management Made Easy

  • You can now effortlessly add new tags to your list by hitting the "Enter" key, assign tags to specific accounts for better organization, delete tags you no longer need, and navigate through your tag list using arrow keys for a more intuitive experience.

Quicker access to detailed security information in the Accounts page

  • Thanks to @aimee's suggestion, we've implemented a valuable enhancement! Inside the "Add Accounts" page, we've added a direct link to our Security Page for quick access to detailed security information. Additionally, a reassuring message now assures users that when linking accounts, their data is secure, and no information will be exposed.

New Animated Logo Loading Widget!

We've also added a touch of creativity to your user experience by introducing an animated logo that serves as our new loading widget.

Jan 8th, 2024

Upgrades & Platform improvements 📊

We've upgraded your app with a sleek loading skeleton state!

  • When the app or new components load, you'll see a sleek loading animation, signalling that the page hasn't fully loaded. These animations last only a few seconds and vanish once the components and content are loaded.

We've made a change to the accounts section!

Instead of listing all accounts individually, we've grouped them based on automation, with a collapsible drop down showing sub accounts.

Dec 27th, 2023

Platform improvements 📊

Syncing state visuals now show in Add Accounts Process

Due to popular request, we've added a syncing state to the add accounts process. This means that you can now see accounts as soon as they've been added. They'll show a progress wheel until the sync is completed, at which point your Accounts list will repopulate.

Dec 20th, 2023

Updates & Platform improvements 📊

Improvements & Fixes

  • The tagging system has been updated for increased speed. We've added a new dropdown menu, and now you have the option to delete tags.

  • Designed a bar to be added to the accounts page for the Syncing State of each account. This bar now shows a spinning icon when the account is syncing and changes to a success status when the item is synced.

  • We've made improvements to the country selector menu. It is now responsive, and we've upgraded to a new UI and loading animation.

Improvements to Hover state on NW History

We've implemented some enhancements to the Hover state on NW History. Now, when you hover, it displays both the date and the amount beneath your NW.

Dec 14th, 2023

Bug fixes & Platform improvements 🔧

Improvements & Fixes

  • Colours added for positive and negative values in Accounts table
  • Accuracy improvements to NW ranking formula & bars
  • Removal of edit ticker for Manual Stocks

Improvements to NW Forecast

Consolidation of growth rate UI into smaller modals & cleanup of NW Forecast settings

Improvements & Fixes

  • Account Connectivity Issues Fixed: as many of you will know, we have been having issues connecting certain accounts. This has mostly been brokerages and was due to an issue with our API provider which has now been resolved. The accounts you were having problems with before should now be working

  • Deleting Accounts Changed: Originally, we had designed the platform to convert synced accounts to manual ones before deleting. This would ensure continuation of data in case a user wanted to resync. This was causing confusion, so we've changed it to instant delete

Improvements & Fixes

  • Coverage Update - this has been increased / added for the following countries:
    Germany, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Portugal & Belgium
  • Fixed sorting by additional columns in Accounts Table and Investments Table
  • Added Community access to sidebar
  • Improvements to mobile responsiveness: overlap between cards has been removed and sidebar amended to be more mobile-friendly

Nov 24th, 2023

Improvements & Fixes

  • Privacy Toggle Fixed
  • Manual Add account fixed for Real Estate and Stocks
  • Added sorted by Balances in Accounts Table
  • Error Notifications Bar: Messages Simplified & Moved from top left to bottom centre
  • Added Status page here

Nov 8th, 2023

Strabo is Publicly Live!
Sign Up Now

Strabo is publicly live!

No more waitlist - sign up and login for immediate access
  • Free for unlimited sync accounts for a limited time
  • Unlimited free manual connections
  • Portfolio insights - Net Worth Ranking & Diversification Score
  • Account Tagging
  • Round the clock support
  • Asset Class Breakdown
  • Tool Tips & Online Content Bank

Sep 29th, 2023

Tidying up for launch 🧼

User Onboarding Redesign

We've streamlined and relaunched onboarding, allowing users to sign up, log in and connect their first account all in one short process. This means you're greeted with a pre-populated dashboard. Net worth history, analysis and forecasting are available in seconds, not minutes.

Improvements & Fixes

Platform-wide changes
  • UI/UX Changes
  • Set Profile Currency Feature
  • Consolidation of Widgets into pre-designed pages
  • Portfolio Diversification Score
  • More detailed Investment Analysis
  • Net Worth Forecast
  • Net Worth Ranking

Expansion of Coverage

Now including automated and manual account adding for Cash, Credit Cards, Stocks & Shares, Cryptocurrencies, Loans and Pensions
Dashboard screenshot showing multi currency capabilities of the Strabo dashboard

Jul 1st, 2023

Launch 2.0 to beta users

Dashboard Redesign

Feedback Collection

50 users selected for feedback collection on Strabo 2.0, contributing to the comprehensive redesign for Strabo 3.0, scheduled for launch Sept 2023

Improvements & Fixes

Two new widgets go live on the Strabo dashboard, available to beta users for testing.
  • Investment Table, showing stock and crypto holdings & return on investment
  • Portfolio Allocation chart, showing asset allocation
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