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Improvements & Fixes

  • Coverage Update - this has been increased / added for the following countries:
    Germany, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Portugal & Belgium
  • Fixed sorting by additional columns in Accounts Table and Investments Table
  • Added Community access to sidebar
  • Improvements to mobile responsiveness: overlap between cards has been removed and sidebar amended to be more mobile-friendly

Nov 24th, 2023

Improvements & Fixes

  • Privacy Toggle Fixed
  • Manual Add account fixed for Real Estate and Stocks
  • Added sorted by Balances in Accounts Table
  • Error Notifications Bar: Messages Simplified & Moved from top left to bottom centre
  • Added Status page here

Nov 8th, 2023

Strabo is Publicly Live!
Sign Up Now

Strabo is publicly live!

No more waitlist - sign up and login for immediate access
  • Free for unlimited sync accounts for a limited time
  • Unlimited free manual connections
  • Portfolio insights - Net Worth Ranking & Diversification Score
  • Account Tagging
  • Round the clock support
  • Asset Class Breakdown
  • Tool Tips & Online Content Bank

Sep 29th, 2023

Tidying up for launch 🧼

User Onboarding Redesign

We've streamlined and relaunched onboarding, allowing users to sign up, log in and connect their first account all in one short process. This means you're greeted with a pre-populated dashboard. Net worth history, analysis and forecasting are available in seconds, not minutes.

Improvements & Fixes

Platform-wide changes
  • UI/UX Changes
  • Set Profile Currency Feature
  • Consolidation of Widgets into pre-designed pages
  • Portfolio Diversification Score
  • More detailed Investment Analysis
  • Net Worth Forecast
  • Net Worth Ranking

Expansion of Coverage

Now including automated and manual account adding for Cash, Credit Cards, Stocks & Shares, Cryptocurrencies, Loans and Pensions
Dashboard screenshot showing multi currency capabilities of the Strabo dashboard

Jul 1st, 2023

Launch 2.0 to beta users

Dashboard Redesign

Feedback Collection

50 users selected for feedback collection on Strabo 2.0, contributing to the comprehensive redesign for Strabo 3.0, scheduled for launch Sept 2023

Improvements & Fixes

Two new widgets go live on the Strabo dashboard, available to beta users for testing.
  • Investment Table, showing stock and crypto holdings & return on investment
  • Portfolio Allocation chart, showing asset allocation