Getting Started

Strabo is the Net Worth Tracker of the future. Track, manage, and forecast your assets, liabilities,
net worth and investments all over the world, for the first time ever
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Main Dashboard

This is the first page you’ll find on login. The top half is a current and historical breakdown of your net worth, by previous balances, asset allocation, diversification and country ranking.

Adding Accounts

To add accounts to your dashboard, simply navigate to the Accounts page and click Add Account in the top right of your screen. This will start off the Add Account flow. You’ll be given the choice to add accounts in two ways:

Syncing to your Bank
This process will involve an automatic connection to your bank or financial institution, so that balances and other data can be pulled automatically. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to access this data, and do so using Plaid, Yodlee & Vezgo

You can also add accounts manually. This means that you input the name, balance, and growth rate, and we’ll add them to your dashboard for completeness. You can also find individual stocks by inputting their Ticker, tell us how many units you have and we’ll find the stock’s performance and add it too.

Investments Page

This is where you can dive a little deeper into your investments. Break down your net worth by key asset classes and observe historical performance, and the NW split over time. In the table at the bottom, you’ll also be able to see a line by line diagnostic of individual holdings, and their total returns.


Account tagging is a system we’ve implemented to allow you to tag and segment accounts into groups. This means that you can separate your accounts into chunks based on their purpose - financial independence, children’s education fund, retirement, or for a specific goal like a holiday. You can then track this group towards their goal on your dashboard.

What's Next?

We’ve got a number of exciting developments in the works, and we’d love to hear what you’d like to see next. You can find our Public Roadmap here, where you can leave comments and feedback, or do this directly in-platform using the help box.


Strabo is an early stage platform, and so you’re bound to encounter a bug every now and again. If this happens, please refresh your browser and if this still doesn’t fix it, raise a ticket using the question mark symbol in the bottom left of your dashboard.

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