Your Security is Our Priority


Strabo does not have access to your banking or crypto account credentials. We use third party aggregation services to connect to your bank and brokerage accounts, all of whom are FCA regulated and provide bank-level security.

By signing in through the portal on our platform, you generate a single-use token for access to a snapshot of the data from that account, which is sent directly from the respective service to your browser. Strabo will never see your credentials: we have a read-only interface, and therefore cannot act on your behalf in any fashion.

Furthermore, Strabo operates under an AISP, or Account Information Services Provider license, meaning that we are authorised only to display user data. Strabo has no authorisation to initiate any payments on your behalf.

For crypto exchanges and wallets, your account credentials are entered directly on the respective servers' oAuth pages. For connections that require API key and secret key / passphrase or a combination of these, Strabo requires read-only permissions only.

For crypto wallets, we require only the wallet address: balances and transaction history are pulled from the blockchain without ever any need to enter your passphrases.
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