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Strabo Glossary: Weighted Average

Weighted Average


In finance, a weighted average refers to the calculation of an average value where different components or data points are given varying degrees of importance or weight based on their significance. This method is commonly used when dealing with financial data, such as investment returns, asset prices, or portfolio performance.


To calculate a weighted average, you multiply each data point by its corresponding weight, sum up the results, and then divide by the total sum of weights. The formula for calculating a weighted average is:

Weighted Average = (Value1 * Weight1 + Value2 * Weight2 + ... + Valuen * Weightn) / (Weight1 + Weight2 + ... + Weightn)


Here's a simple example to illustrate the concept:

Let's say you have a portfolio of two stocks with their respective returns over a period of one year:

Stock A return = 8% (Weight = 40%)
Stock B return = 12% (Weight = 60%)

To calculate the weighted average return of the portfolio, you would use the formula:

Weighted Average Return = (8% * 0.4 + 12% * 0.6) / (0.4 + 0.6) = (3.2 + 7.2) / 1 = 10%

In this case, the weighted average return of the portfolio is 10%, which takes into account the different weights of each stock's return.

In Summary

Weighted averages are valuable in finance because they allow for a more accurate representation of data when certain components have more influence on the overall result. For instance, in the context of finance, a portfolio manager may use weighted average returns to gauge the overall performance of their investment portfolio, giving more importance to the assets with higher investments. Similarly, weighted averages can be used in various financial calculations, such as weighted average cost of capital (WACC), weighted average maturity (WAM) for bond portfolios, and more.

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