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Strabo Glossary: Net Worth Percentile

Net Worth Percentile


What is the Net Worth Percentile Score? Well, as the name suggests, it's an indication of what percentage of the population your Net Worth puts you in. The country we rank you in will be based on the domiciled country you set up on signup, which is not changeable - so be careful which country you choose!


We use OECD or official national statistics data to place your net worth in the representative distribution. Please note that this is indiciative only, and designed to give you an idea of where you fall. We use data for total assets including housing wealth (or debt), so also bear this in mind. It has been included in the dashboard not to be a vanity metric, but rather to give you something to aim for! Net worth and general wealth are relative measures: in and of themselves, they have limited utility so it's important to provide a barometer for comparison.

We hope you will find this useful in planning your investments for retirement and beyond!

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