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Strabo Glossary: Margin Call

Margin Call


A margin call is a notification from a broker or lender to a trader or investor, requiring them to deposit additional funds into their margin account to meet the minimum margin requirements. Margin accounts are special accounts offered by brokers that allow traders to borrow money to buy securities, such as stocks or bonds. When an investor borrows money to invest, they are trading on margin.

Margin Requirements

Margin requirements dictate the minimum amount of equity that must be maintained in the margin account relative to the total value of the securities held. If the value of the securities in the margin account falls below a certain threshold, the account becomes under-margined, triggering a margin call.

When a margin call occurs, the broker or lender will request the investor to deposit more cash or securities into the account to restore the minimum required margin level. This additional deposit is called a "margin call deposit" or "maintenance margin." The purpose of a margin call is to protect the broker from potential losses if the value of the securities in the account continues to decline.

Responding to a Margin Call

Investors typically have a limited time to respond to a margin call, which is usually one to three business days. If the investor fails to deposit the required funds or securities within the specified time frame, the broker may liquidate some or all of the investor's positions to cover the outstanding margin debt.

In Summary

It's essential for investors who trade on margin to closely monitor their positions and be aware of the potential risks associated with margin trading. While trading on margin can amplify potential gains, it also exposes investors to higher levels of risk, as losses can accumulate quickly if the market moves against them. Managing margin accounts responsibly and understanding the implications of margin calls is crucial to avoid significant financial losses.

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