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Strabo Glossary: Hurdle Rate

Hurdle Rate


A hurdle rate, also known as a minimum acceptable rate of return (MARR) or required rate of return (RRR), is a critical financial concept used in investment analysis and capital budgeting. It represents the minimum rate of return that an investment or project must achieve to be considered worthwhile or acceptable.


In the context of investment projects, the hurdle rate is used as a benchmark to evaluate the feasibility and attractiveness of potential investments. It helps decision-makers assess whether the returns from a project or investment are sufficient to compensate for the associated risks and opportunity costs.

The hurdle rate is typically set based on various factors, including the company's cost of capital, the risk profile of the investment, market conditions, and the specific objectives of the project or investment. The higher the risk of the investment or project, the higher the hurdle rate is likely to be.

In capital budgeting decisions, a project is typically accepted if its expected rate of return exceeds the hurdle rate. If the expected return falls below the hurdle rate, the project may be rejected since it is not meeting the company's minimum required return.


For example, let's say a company's hurdle rate is 10%. If it is considering two investment projects:

Project A: Expected rate of return = 12%
Project B: Expected rate of return = 8%

In this scenario, Project A's expected return (12%) exceeds the hurdle rate (10%), making it an attractive investment. Conversely, Project B's expected return (8%) is below the hurdle rate, and the company may choose to reject or postpone that project.

In Summary

The hurdle rate is an essential tool in guiding investment decisions and helps ensure that resources are allocated to projects that offer the best potential returns relative to the risks involved. It also assists in comparing different investment opportunities and prioritizing them based on their ability to meet or exceed the minimum return requirements of the company or investors.

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